29th August 2018

Birthday cake cookies 
I’ve been flicking through my copy of Momofuku milk bar cookbook for a while and I finally decided to try and make Christina’s “birthday cake cookies” these were very intimidating as they have so many ingredients and techniques I’ve never done before! Well, I’ve never even made a cookie before! I am so happy with how these turned out tho! I slightly over baked them as I was worried about them being too soft but I’ve learnt to not worry and they’ll continue cooking on the tray! Thank you, Christina Tosi, for inspiring me to venture into cookies!

Birthday cake cookiesTosi Liked

first pan loaf ompariosn

A wee throwback to my first ever pan loaf with a comparison to the latest. I have learnt so much in the past 10 months of baking. It’s hard to see how far I have come but I’m definitely a different person to who I was during my first loaf. I’m stronger both physically and mentally! This page has grown to something I never dreamed of and it’s been an amazing time! You guys have helped me mentally on some of my dark days and I can’t thank you enough! I want to share how much baking can change peoples lives even with just one loaf a week or every other week! The process of turning raw ingredients into something you can break with friends is one of the best feelings. I want people to share stories on what baking has done for them.

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